#ActToAdapt Campaign

Those living with #MND (and also many other people living with disabilities) need quicker, better access for support to adapt their home

Act to Adapt is a Motor Neurone Disease Association campaign to advocate for accessible homes and a fairer and faster system for delivering housing adaptations for people with motor neurone disease (MND).

Every person with MND should be able to live safely, independently and with dignity in the time that remains to them.

Currently, many people living with MND face significant challenges when having to adapt their homes or move to accessible housing. These include high costs, a lengthy process and lack of information and support. Without an accessible home, people living with MND may be trapped in one room, unable to reach the bathroom or get out of the front door. In some cases, the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to self-isolate has exacerbated the situation.

The Act to Adapt report sets out recommendations for local and national governments to help people living with MND and others in desperate need of accessible housing, based on good practice. These include:

  • fast-tracking support for people with a terminal illness
  • removing the means test for low-cost and high-impact adaptations
  • maintaining a register of accessible homes that people can move to

Get Involved

The MND Association is asking everyone to help raise awareness by sharing your experience or a message of support, by emailing your local councillor and asking them to support the campaign or by sharing our infographics on social media.

Find out more at mndassociation.org/acttoadapt or follow the progress via the Twitter hashtag #ActToAdapt.