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Buy glassware and support our branch

Introducing Frances Ramsden’s colourful handmade glassware.

This month we’re excited to showcase what one of our Committee members gets up to in her spare time, and we are sure you will agree, it’s stunningly beautiful. Who knew we had so many talented people amongst us?

For those who don’t know, Frances helped launch the West Sussex South branch in 1985, and has held a number of roles ever since – always looking for new ways to help fundraise. Frances is a creative at heart. She has always enjoyed a variety of different crafts, including pottery, silver smithing and stained glass. Three years ago met a lady who sold fused glass.

I couldn’t help myself, I kept buying her glass and eventually asked her if she did any classes? Early last year my new teacher eventually agreed for me to go to her house to watch what she did – and I became instantly hooked, and so I bought my own kiln.

Frances had stalls at a few small craft fairs last year, but as they have all be cancelled this year due to covid, has ended up just mainly selling to friends and family. That is until now.

Frances is now offering her items to anyone connected through the branch who would like them as a way of helping fundraise.

A 10% donation to MNDA West Sussex South for any sales through the branch.

Frances has a number of items in stock but is always happy to chat to anyone if they were interested in different colours, etc. She is also happy to deliver locally too. Now you can’t say fairer then that!

Prices are as follows:

  • Round bowls (approx 30cm) : £40Can be made clear or white with colour
  • Square plates (20cm square) : £40
  • Cheese board (20cm x 15cm or 20cm) : £20  – Can be made in other colours
  • Wave shape (25cm) : £20 – Bunting, seascapes, fish, spoon rest, Christmas trees.
  • Large curvy (30cm) : £30Christmas trees, fish.
  • Christmas tree decorations : £3
  • Pendants : From £7.50
  • Holly wreathes (approx 10 cm) : £10.

For more information, or to contact Frances: