Declutter your home and donate to MNDA WSS

Ziffit is a free online service that instantly values your Books, Games, DVDs and CDs and lets you generate cash quickly.

Simply by locating the barcode of your item and typing all of the numerical digits above or under the barcode into the box on their website, (including any at the beginning or end of the sequence that may be smaller than the other characters), they’ll value your items and enable you to donate the MNDA WSS branch!

Remember, books have a barcode too, and all you need to do here is type in the ISBN above or under the barcode. CDs, DVDs & Games have an EAN, typically a 13 digit number.

Enter all the numbers and hit Get Value, it really is that simple.

You can even turn your phone into a money making, clutter clearing, barcode scanner!

Download the free Ziffit app today:


With the app, it’s even easier to scan in your products, but be aware you need to go back into a browser to complete the transaction, in order for the local branch to receive the donation:

  1. Download the app to your mobile phone
  2. Sign-up for a new account or login to your existing account
  3. Scan or enter your barcodes and get an instant price
  4. Repeat until all your products are added into your basket
  5. Important: if you complete transaction on mobile now – donation will goto National MNDA charity…
  6. To ensure money goes to local branch, save your basket by pressing “new basket” on top right in the app.
  7. Now open up a web browser, ideally on your tablet or laptop
  8. Login to your Ziffit account in your browser
  9. Under ‘your account’ load in your saved basket/trade
  10. Now go through to our branch page Ziffit (MNDA WSS)
  11. You will see your basket now loaded and linked to the local branch
  12. Complete the online trade and pack up your unwanted goodies
  13. Use their FREE courier or drop-off service to send your items
  14. Money is sent to our MNDA WSS Virgin Money Giving page

We really appreciate that this is a bit of a faff to get money to the local branch, and is currently a limitation of the existing system.

However it really is appreciated and every small donation helps contribute to your local MNDA West Sussex South branch.