a month

A gift of £10 a month

for a year could fund a specialist app to help someone with MND continue to communicate.


a month

A gift of £15 a month

for a year could provide vital support information packs to 18 people newly diagnosed with MND.


a month

A gift of £25 a month

for a year could fund lab equipment for six days’ vital research into understanding the causes of MND.



A one-off gift of £50

could help fund MND Support Grants, giving a person with MND more independence.



A one-off gift of £100

could allow us to step up our research, working towards a world free from MND.

Please contact our Treasurer Alastair Sharp to make a donation, else use the PayPal button.

For any donations or fundraisers you are doing on behalf of the MNDA, please use the hashtag #mndawss in your campaign title and specify “West Sussex South” in the main description to ensure the money can be easily traced back to support your local branch. For any cheques, please make them out to “MNDA WSS”. Thank you so much!

If you are setting up a page to benefit West Sussex South branch, it is a legal requirement that people who donate to your page know that their donation will benefit your branch.

It would also be super helpful if you would kindly let our treasurer know of any fundraising campaigns you are setting up for the local branch, by dropping him a quick email with a link to your campaign and it’s name so he can track the donation progress with head office.

Please do consider Gift Aid

Send a donation via SMS text messaging on your mobile phone

  1. Send an SMS text message to 70085 with the phrase MND4WSS
  2. Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message set by your provider
  3. If you want to donate more via SMS, you will need to send another message repeating the instructions above, else consider using PayPal for larger donations…

The previous code MNDSANDY is no longer operational.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure

For one-off donations to our branch

  1. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone’s camera; or
  2. Click here to be redirected to our JustGiving page.
  3. Press the donate button on our page, and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to donate to the local branch.

To set up your own fundraising campaign

  1. Login to your JustGiving account and “Start fundraising” and select “A Charity” and search for “Motor Neurone Disease Association”
  2. Select “doing your own thing” and press “start” and follow the simple instructions to set-up your own event
  3. Ensure you include #mndawss in your event name title and mention it’s for “West Sussex South” branch of the MNDA in your main description
  4. You can even share across social media to encourage others to as well
  5. Don’t forget to drop a quick email to our treasurer with a link to your campaign…

Discover other ways you can fundraise with us.