Association Visitors and how they can help:

The Branch has a team of six professionally trained and supervised Association Visitors.

All our Visitors are volunteers who have been carefully selected and have undergone a thorough training programme. Our Visitors are based in the local community as members of a team and usually have contact with people over the phone, via video or email or will visit them in their own home. (Social Distancing permitting).

Talking with an AV and knowing that there is someone at the end of the phone often helps relieve the feeling of desperate isolation which can overwhelm people when they have just found out that they have MND.

An AV will let you know how the MND Association can be helpful, when and where meetings are held, how to apply for benefits and how to access specialised equipment. The branch is able to provide equipment which is either not available or not available quickly enough from statutory services and can facilitate any necessary Financial Aid grants to assist you.

For more information on our AV’s please visit Your Visitors page.