You ARE amazing!

We really could not survive without your continued generous support; your time given, dedication and commitment and of course, the money you help raise. Plus we love to hear your ideas – no matter how big or small!

Every penny you raise makes a difference to people with MND and their families.

We are here to support you

Would you like to take part in a sponsored event or challenge? Fearless supporters have so far taken part in all kinds of runs from miles to marathons, climbed mountains, tackled triathlons, cycled from Bognor to Brighton and from Sussex to Gibraltar. Heads have been shaved, weight has been lost and planes have been jumped out of – new ideas are always welcome! If you are looking for a challenge please get in touch.

For any donations to MNDA, please specify ‘#mndawss’ or ‘West Sussex South Branch’ to support our local branch.

Please see our Donation page for correct instructions on setting up fundraising campaigns using JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving – or even donations via PayPal and SMS text messaging on your mobile.

We can also provide sponsor forms, tee shirts, running vests, banners and branding, collection buckets, etc.

Looking for Festive Fundraising ideas?
Let us inspire you…

Our Partners

We couldn’t manage without the generosity of all kinds of organisations across West Sussex who have chosen us as their charity of the year or sponsored pieces of specialised equipment.

Golf Clubs, Lions Clubs, Inner Wheels, Masonic Lodges, Choral Societies, Businesses, Churches and very many others have generously put on events and raised many thousands of pounds. We are enormously grateful to all these groups.

If you or your organisation would like to play a part in this way please contact our treasurer.


Thumbs Up Club

Fun for you, funds for the Branch!

This subscription club, run by West Sussex South Branch, charges subscriptions of £12 per year, and you can have as many subscriptions as you wish. Each subscription is allocated a number, and two numbers are drawn at each Branch Meeting, with a separate draw of four numbers for Christmas each year. First prize at each monthly draw is currently £15.00, and second prize is £7.00.

The prizes for Christmas will be determined after total subscriptions for the year are known, when they will represent the balance to be paid out to ensure prize money paid out during the year totals 50% of the income received.

26 chances to win in any one year! The more subscriptions, the more money to help the Branch and the more paid out as prize money! To book your chance to win, email our treasurer.

Don’t think it stops here.

Get inspired by the latest ideas on the national MND Association website.